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X Account of Famous NBA Reporter Gets Hacked and Starts Promoting Crypto Scheme


February 28, 2024

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X Account of Famous NBA Reporter Gets Hacked and Starts Promoting Crypto Scheme

Hackers compromised the X (formerly Twitter) account of known NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski and posted a crypto scam to trick people into linking their wallets to a fake platform.

One of the most common tricks criminals employ is to take over well-known X accounts and use that access to deploy various crypto schemes. When famous people seemingly start promoting some amazing crypto “opportunity,” the chances that people will actually become victims increase.

The story always begins the same. Hackers manage to get access to credentials somehow; they log in and post something that looks incredibly credible. In this case, it was an apparent promotion from a legitimate NFT platform named NBA Top Shot.

“NBA Top Shot, the popular NFT platform, is adding support for the popular Ethereum blockchain. In celebration, a free NFT pack is available to all customers while quantities last,” the tweet reads.

The giveaway was the link that sent victims to a .ORG domain, not a .COM. Of course, the official NBA Top Shot organization had to issue a warning.

“There is NO Free Airdrop happening on NBA Top Shot at this time. Please be careful and always double check links. The only official NBA Top Shot site is https://nbatopshot.com. Thank you,” reads the official tweet.

The account that posted the crypto scheme has more than six million followers, so the potential impact was significant.

Criminals controlled the .ORG domain, and the victims were encouraged to connect their hot wallets to the platform to claim the “free NFT pack.” It’s impossible to tell how many people went through the process and lost money.

One thing is certain. Despite the countless crypto frauds on X and other platforms, some people are still willing to click on links and hope to receive free NFTs.




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